Introducing Cisco Meraki

Connect your business on a network that’s built for the future.

Investing in the right network infrastructure for your business helps you stay connected, agile and secure – and maintain your competitive advantage into the future.

As a Cisco partner, Telstra Business Technology Centres can connect your business with enterprise-grade Cisco technology that helps you connect your people, future-proof your business, and simplify your IT. 

If its connected, it has additional protection with Cisco Talos

Cisco Talos is the word’s biggest cyber security group, blocking 98% of all malware and 20 billion threats daily. With Cisco Talos, every Cisco device has additional protection and is automatically updated as new updates become available, defending your network in real time.

Combine world-class security and powerful network technology.

Over time, networks have evolved and it’s expected that your router acts as a firewall/security appliance protecting your network from threats. Your Cisco Meraki Security & SD-WAN Appliance is the command centre of your business’ operations. It connects your devices to the internet, helps to protect your data and can even help decide which computers, apps or websites get priority over others.

Access enterprise-grade tech to help power your growth with Cisco Meraki Security & SD-WAN appliances, access points and switches.

Key features

Real-time optimisation

Prioritise the apps, web traffic and devices that are most important to your business.

High quality security

Built-in threat detection, traffic encryption and content filtering

End-to-end visibility

With one portal for your routers, switches, access points and Internet of Things devices.


Enjoy greater network transparency

Get your network operating the way you want by identifying and inspecting traffic, apps and devices.

Adapt and scale as you need

Leverage a network that can manage your growth by configuring hundreds of ports simultaneously.

Optimise your resilience

Take on whatever comes next with cloud-driven firmware and security updates.

Keep your tech humming with Telstra’s ongoing Cisco Meraki management.

Managing your network, keeping it updated and dealing with faults and incidents is vital in helping you keep your business systems flowing. With Telstra’s Network Device Management, your Telstra Business Technology Centre will help optimise the performance of your network by monitoring, managing and reporting on your Cisco Meraki™ router, firewall, access point or switch*. We’ll help take care of the day-to-day, so you can focus on what’s important.

Add on Cisco Meraki installation.

Telstra’s tech team can get your Cisco Meraki devices configured to best practice and up and running faster. We’ll manage the process of creating admin profiles, coordinating software delivery from start to finish, managing deployment, and validating and testing your service.
* Additional charges may apply for add-ons for access point or switch.

Let’s talk about Cisco Meraki

Ready to experience Cisco’s best-in-class security and networking solutions, on Australia’s most reliable network? Learn more about how you can leverage Cisco and Telstra’s powerful partnership.
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